Why Titles are Important

Even before writing something on blog post titles, let’s see why they are so important.

What happened when you search something on any search engine. It will show you results something like this:

As you can see each result has two parts, a Title and Meta Description. We are not catering meta descriptions here but the stronger and attractive these two components will be, there will more chances people will click.

A title acts like a door to your article. Readers decide in less than 2 seconds whether they will read the article just by looking at the title. Titles sell artilces just like book covers sell books. Catchy titles can boost your organic traffic and increase click through (CTR) rate.

We have put together some really useful points which will give you a good start in writing great titles for your blog posts which can drive loads of traffic.

In html, its <title> tag although WordPress handles tags by its own. But it’s always good to know minor details.

Woopoo's Tip

Use Keyword in Title

The first thing search engines scan to determine your article’s content is by reading the article’s title. Using at least one keyword about your content is recommended. It will give a good guess what the article is all about.

Don’t use keyword multiple times (keyword stuffing), it will give search engines a signal that the article could be written to get good ranks instead of helping people.

Titles less than 6-8 words performs best.

Woopoo's Good Practice

Descriptive and Focused

Don’t forget the human factor while writing titles. Give readers a clear idea what your article will be about. Will it solve a problem or is it an offer?

Write descriptive blog titles. For example a title “Grilled Pizza” doesn’t make any sense, reader may ignore your search result so a more focused title would be making a grilled pizza or ordering a grilled pizza?

Repeated or Boilerplate Titles

Don’t use repeated words in titles again and again. Don’t standardize specific keywords with each post’s title.

For example if your niche is food and your post is about “Making a Grilled Pizza”, it should be what it is about instead of “Making a Grilled Pizza | pizzas, steaks, desserts, starters, soups”. This is also called boilerpate titles and a bad SEO practice.

Google suggests if you can’t live without adding those keywords then add them in meta description instead of title.

Woopoo's Tip

Use Numbers

Numbers always sell. They give a sense of importance and attention.

Use small numbers for accessability

For example 5 Secret Ways to cook a beef steak.

Use Big numbers to show something massive

For example, How to reach 100,000+ People Using Facebook.

Magnet Words

Use words which give an additional value to your keyword. For example Proven, Amazing, Best etc are all magnet words which give confidance to viewer to click and read the article.


Magnet words increase the click through rate by 23%

Make good sense out of them. For example, if its a problem solving article, words like Proven, Step by Step, Easy will work better and if the article is result-oriented or an offer then words like Amazing, Awesome, Best always payoff.

Get Ideas

Visit Buzzsumo, this website shows what content is performing better for any topics. We will get an idea what type of titles are performing better. In search bar, enter your keyword. You will see a list of titles which are performing betterĀ so you can make your title accordingly.

The other tool worth mentioning is blog post title generator http://seopressor.com/blog-title-generator/. It can generate ready-to-use titles for your articles.

These 5 points will definitely help you out in writing some one of the best blog titles which really work. Implement them and let us know how they perform.

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