Recently one of our visitors asked us how to add a PDF download button in WordPress posts and pages so visitors can generate, convert and download live posts to pdf for later use.

In this tutorial, we will see how to let users generate PDF files out of your WordPress articles.

WordPress to PDF Converter

It is not very long when we shared article 5 ways to add pdf files to WordPress but this time we are going to share an easy method to convert and download WordPress articles as PDF by adding a download button to all of your posts and pages.

Giving your blog visitors ability to download your WordPress posts as PDF is a great way to increase engagement and reach as they will be able to read and share your blog articles on different devices. It will also let them print WordPress posts as a PDF document.

Having said that, let’s see how to add PDF download button using a WordPress plugin DK PDF.

While our research on PDF plugins for WordPress, we have seen a lot of outdated plugins which we are not covering for the same reason.

Woopoo's Caution

WordPress plugin to add PDF Download Button

From your dashboard, install and activate DK PDF WordPress plugin. See how to install a plugin in WordPress for more help.

install wordpress plugin download pdf

Once installed, all the plugin settings will be available under main menu item DK PDF. There are four main tabs to configure plugin settings.

  • PDF Button
  • PDF Setup
  • PDF Header and Footer

PDF Button Settings

Most of the settings under this tab are self-explanatory.

dk pdf button for wordpress posts

  • Under Post types to apply, make sure to enable post, page or attachment checkboxes depends upon your need. It will enable PDF download button accordingly.
  • Under Action, you can allow your visitors either open PDF in a new window or download PDF document directly on their computer.

PDF Setup

Under PDF Setup tab, you can configure PDF page orientation, font size and margins. You can even protect your PDF
documents here.

PDF Header & Footer

Here you can add branding to your PDF document with your website logo, custom header and footer text. The plugin will automatically add this information to each post or a page saved as PDF.

wordpress posts as pdf

PDF Download Button Shortcode

The plugin comes with a shortcode dkpdf-button to add PDF button anywhere in your post or page. This will give you more options to place download button using shortcode besides Before content and After content under PDF Button tab.

Disable PDF for Selected WordPress Posts

The plugin comes with an option to disable PDF download button for selected posts and pages. While writing a post, enable Disable DK PDF Button checkbox under plugin metabox.

wordpress disable pdf

Addtional Reading


It’s always a good idea to give your visitors multiple ways to read your blog posts and giving them an option to download your WordPress posts as PDF is a great way to boost blog reach. We hope you like the tutorial.

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