To count or display the number of views on a post or page is missing in WordPress by default. Many bloggers want to know which articles are popular on their website by tracking hit counts.

We will see how to make this happen using best WordPress plugins to count post and page views.

1. Post Views Counter

Download URL:

Post Views counter is a simple WordPress plugin to count and display post views. Once installed, the plugin will show the number of times a post or a page has been viewed. The plugin even supports custom post types.

Other features include counter shortcode support, option to select post types for which you want to enable hit counter, dashboard post views widget, option to set count interval, restricting display by users, cache compatibility and multisite support.

Let’s see how to install and use Post Views Counter plugin.

post views counter wordpress plugin

  • The plugin has only two tabs General and Display.
  • Under General settings tab, you can enable count for posts, pages or both. The plugin also recommends to set Counter Mode to JavaScript if you are using a cache plugin like W3Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

post view settings

  • Under Display tab, you can enable or disable settings related to front-end display of post views.

hit counter display

2. Page View Count

Download URL:

This WordPress plugin has the ability to quickly set up post and page views counter in a number of ways.

Main features include showing page views count either at the top or bottom of the page, icon support, On/Off switch to hide page views for all posts and pages, page alignment, page views count meta box on each post editor.

Let’s see how to install Page View Count plugin.

  • From your admin panel, install and activate the plugin.

wordpress page view count plugin

  • The plugin has self-explanatory drop-down tabs to configure the settings.

page view count settings

Always refresh your browser to update hit count on visited posts.

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3. WP-PostViews

Download URL:

WP-PostViews is the easiest if you want to see post views on backend only. However, to show post views on front-end, you need to edit your theme files to add counter code.

The plugin also supports list posts by views, a widget to display page views in sidebar and shortcode to display the number of hits on a post.

  • From your dashboard, install and activate the plugin.

wp post views plugin

  • The plugin works out of the box and no settings required, however, additional settings are available under Settings > PostViews.
  • An additional column Views will be added to Posts > All Posts. The column will display the total number of views for each post and you will be able to sort posts by views.

list wordpress posts by views

  • To display the views count on your WordPress front-end, you have to edit your theme’s index.php, single.php, page.php or any related file where you want to display the hit counter.

Look for the following code first:
<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

Once you find the above code, add the following code right below it:

if(function_exists('the_views')) { the_views(); }

You are done. Visit your website’s front-end and you will see page views counter after each post.

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We hope you will be able to count the total number of views on your posts and pages using any of the above WordPress plugins to keep track of your most popular posts.

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