Post formats in WordPress will define how your posts will appear on front-end. By default all posts show up as a standard post but you can change posts appearance on front-end by switching post formats.

Post formats is usually an overlooked feature of WordPress and can be used to increase blog engagement by creating different style of posts.

Add post formats while making a post from the Format menu on the right hand side.

post formats in WordPress

One thing to note is that the post formats feature needs to be implemented by WordPress theme developers to be styled accordingly on the front-end. So before switching to another post format, you must check how the theme you are using is implementing it.

WordPress offers a standard list of post formats which theme developers can use to implement presentation styling of posts in their themes.

Let’s have a look at WordPress default post formats in detail.

1. Standard

It is the default post format which means you don’t have to set it manually. You can add text, images and videos to your post as you do normally to make a post in WordPress.

2. Aside

WordPress Aside post format can be used to share small piece of information with your readers. Aside post format don’t have a title normally and usually used to show independent small chunk of information.

3. Image

Switching to Image post format will display the post as an image or the photograph you have specified. You can also add an image link URL to be inserted.

4. Video

Since version 3.6 WordPress natively supports to upload and play videos. Video post format can be used to display either a single video or even a video playlist. Videos can be shown using a URL from another website like YouTube or Vimeo.

see our article how to add video in a WordPress post

Its always advisable not to upload videos to a WordPress site.

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5. Quote

Quotes can be mentioned using this post format. Quotes can be presented under blockquotes ( <blockquote> HTML tag ) to present clearly. Source and author can be mentioned separately.

6. Link

Link post format will show a text link to another site. Clicking the post will directly take you to the URL specified.

7. Gallery

A gallery post format in WordPress defines how a gallery should be presented to readers. Such a post normally holds only a gallery shortcode. The examples could be showing a gallery as a slider, carousel or a grid provided the code has been implemented in the theme you are using.

See how to add a photo gallery in WordPress for more details.

8. Audio

Audio Post Format can be used to display audio files from another website or uploaded to WordPress. It is a very powerful feature for podcasting if implemented by the theme you are using.

We have just wrapped up all the post formats available in WordPress. Custom post formats can’t be created in WordPress apart from the standard list which we have discussed above. The reason is to maintain compatibility across all themes.

If post formats are not working for you then it means this feature has not been implemented in the theme you are using.

It’s always a good idea before buying any WordPress theme to check how the theme developer has implemented post formats template.

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As explained, post formats in WordPress is an almost ignored feature which has great potential to let your blog stand out from the crowd. If you still have any questions do let us know using the comments section below.

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