Google Analytics is a free service widely used by bloggers and website owners to track website/blog traffic by reading detailed reports.

If you already have Google Analytics id or code and don’t know how to use it in WordPress then we are going to tell you a really simple and easy plugin to add Google Analytics in WordPress.

If you want to know how to start using Google Analytics from scratch then see our detailed article Google Analytics Complete Setup guide.

Difference between Tracking code and Tracking Id

Website monitoring using Google Analytics can be implemented in two ways:

  • By using your tracking id (also known as property number).
  • By installing tracking code.

tracking id vs tracking code

Tracking Id is a unique property number given to each website which looks like UA-123456789-1. Whereas tracking code is a JavaScript snippet to collect data from a website. Either of them can be used to track visitors activity.

Adding Google Analytics code in WordPress usually requires editing PHP files like header.php, footer.php or creating a custom file. Many bloggers with no coding background usually look for alternative methods for the same purpose and the most easy method is to simply use a plugin.

The most simple and easy plugin we have found is GA Google Analytics.

google analytics plugin wordpress

  • From your dashboard, go to Settings > Google Analytics to view plugin configuration settings.

ga google analytics plugin settings

  • Open Plugin Settings tab and fill GA Property ID with your tracking Id and mark the option Enable Google Analytics on your site.

ga plugin wordpress

  • Press Save Settings button.

Give it at least 12-24 hours to collect data from your website and generate reports.

Woopoo's Caution

Test Google Analytics

It will take some time for the program to show you “real” reports for your website traffic however to quickly check if Google Analytics functions properly on your website, see the steps below.

  • Go to your Analytics account and under Property column, click Tracking Info and then Tracking Code.

google analytics tracking info

  • This is the place from where you can find Google Analytics code in case you lost it or want to copy it again. Anyway why we are here is to click Send test traffic button.

send test traffic ga

  • What the button will do is send dummy hit to your WordPress site and if the analytics is working properly, you will see an updated message (including 1 from test traffic)

google analytics successful

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WordPress plugins make life easy and this is absolutely true when you want to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site using a plugin.

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