Choosing between and could be quite confusing and frustating for wannabe bloggers. We are highlighting the pros and cons of both platforms so you can make a decision which one best suits you.

Regular Expenses

Free Software but domain name and hosting plan needs to be purchased. Additional services need extra money.

No Expenses

Free Service for basic blogging with limited features. Intermediate and Business plans also available at extra cost.

Themes Support

Free and purchased themes can be uploaded and customized at your will.

Limited Themes Support

Custom themes cannot be uploaded and limited to only themes.

All Plugins Allowed

You are free to upload any plugins you need to add features to your blog.

No Plugins Allowed

No plugins can be uploaded. Limited to plugins which comes with

Maintenance Required

You have to take care of your blog’s updates, optimization and backups.

No Maintenance Required takes care of updates, optimization, security and pretty much everything.

Full Control

You have full access to files and databases. You can modify code and customize your blog as you wish.

Limited Control

You don’t have access to files and database. Restricted and limited access from

Monetization Opportunity

You can make money from your blog by running advertisements, selling products, running affiliate campaigns or by any means.

Limited Monetization

You are not allowed to run customized ads. has its own advertisement program WordAds, accessible to only those with good traffic.

Are you planning to use or

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