Keyboard shortcuts in general can greatly enhance your work speed. This is specially true when you are working with a document which needs text formatting like making text bold, italic etc.

Writing posts in WordPress is no exception where you can make full use of post editor shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

We are going to share a complete list of WordPress shortcuts which will be helpful to you whether you are writing a post or working with comments.

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Mastering WordPress Shortcuts

If you are running a low-traffic blog then using shortcuts at this stage may not bother you but as soon as your website or blog starts gaining numbers, you will definitely find shortcuts indispensable for a speedy workflow.

Shortcuts in WordPress can be used in two main areas:

  1. WordPress Post Editor (Visual and text editor)
  2. Comments moderation

WordPress Editor shortcuts

If you write articles frequently, you must agree how much distracting and time consuming it is to scroll to the top menu for even minor tasks like making the text bold. What about just selecting the text in your article and pressing Ctrl+b to make it bold and then continue writing rest of the post.

These are the scenarios where you will find how helpful are the keyboard shortcuts in WordPress!

To quickly see a list of keyboard shortcuts within WordPress text editor, click the Toolbar Toggle button in top menu bar and then click the tiny question mark button.

wordpress editor shortcuts

Let’s see WordPress keyboard shortcuts in detail now.

Ctrl + Letter

Lets see some keyboard shortcut combinations with Ctrl key. Mac users can use the same shortcuts with Command (⌘) key. The list below has been assembled as a keyboard letter with corresponding action.

  • Letter | Action
  • x | Cut
  • c | Copy
  • v | Paste
  • a | Select all
  • b | Bold
  • i  | Italic
  • u | Underline
  • z | Undo
  • y | Redo
  • k | Insert/edit link

For example to copy (action) the selected text in text editor, you can press Ctrl+c (letter) shortcut.

Can you answer what is the keyboard shortcut to insert a link in WordPress post?

Alt + Shift + Letter

There is a different set of actions which can be executed by pressing Alt + Shift together with any of the letters below. Mac uses Option key instead of Alt.

  • Letter | Action
  • n | Check Spelling
  • l | Align Left
  • j | Justify Text
  • c | Align Center
  • d | Strike-through
  • r | Align Right
  • u | Un-ordered List
  • a | Insert link
  • o | Ordered List (1.2.3.)
  • s | Remove link
  • q | Quote
  • m | Insert Image
  • w | Distraction Free Writing mode
  • t | Insert More Tag
  • p | Insert Page Break tag
  • h | Help
  • x | Add/remove code tag
  • 1 | Heading 1
  • 2 | Heading 2
  • 3 | Heading 3
  • 4 | Heading 4
  • 5 | Heading 5
  • 6 | Heading 6
  • 9 | Address

Frequent publishers will definitely like WordPress distraction free writing shortcut by pressing Alt+Shift+w. It’s sort of a full screen text editor mode.

Can you guess what is the keyboard shortcut for justify text?

Formatting Shortcuts

Formatting shortcuts in WordPress work the same way as above shortcuts but the action gets executed only once you press Enter key.

Formatting shortcuts will work in post visual editor only.

Woopoo's Caution

  • Letter | Action (on pressing Enter key)
  • * | Start an unordered list
  • – | Start an unordered list
  • 1. | Start an ordered list
  • 1) | Start an ordered list
  • ## | H2 (heading)
  • ### | H3
  • #### | H4
  • ##### | H5
  • ###### | H6
  • > | transform text into blockquote
  • — | horizontal line
  • `..` | transform text into code block

Please note that the sentence must be start with a formatting letter. For example a heading shortcut ##abc and pressing Enter will turn abc into an H2 heading.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Comment Moderation

keyboard shortcuts for moderating comments was first introduced in WordPress 2.7. The comments has been engineered for rapid workflow as this is the most time consuming job in managing a blog.

If your blog is getting fewer comments on daily basis then you can live without using shortcuts but browsing and managing hundreds of comments daily is really a painstaking job. It can eats a lot of your time. Using shortcuts under such scenarios is not less than a blessing.

Activating Comment Shortcuts

For using comment shortcuts in WordPress, you first need to enable the option which is off by default.

  • From your WordPress admin panel, go to your Profile.
  • Under Keyboard Shortcuts, enable the checkbox Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.

enable comment shortcuts

  • Click Update Profile button at the bottom to save the changes.

You have activated the shortcuts for comment moderation. Let’s head over to comments section now.

Shortcuts for Comments Navigation

To navigate in WordPress comments section, press either J or K keyboard key to select the first comment. It will turn into a light blue color which means the comment has been selected and ready to perform an action. We will see comment actions later in this article.

selected comment example wordpress

Remember these two important keyboard shortcuts:

  • J: pressing J will move the comment selection one step down.
  • K: pressing K will move the comment selection one step up.

Give these shortcuts a try by navigating within comments.

Pressing J once you reach the last comment will take you to next comments page and select the first comment on the second page and vice versa. This will give you an easy access to navigate between comment pages and perform actions quickly.

Shortcuts for Comment Actions:

Once a comment is selected, an action can be performed on it. Let’s see a list of keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.

  • Letter | Action
  • a | approves the selected comment.
  • s | move the comment to the spam section.
  • d | delete the selection.
  • z | restore a comment if deleted accidentally.
  • u | disapproves a comment.
  • r | fast reply to a comment.
  • q | Quick Edit option to make small comment changes quickly.
  • e | edit the selected comment in a separate screen.

Shortcuts for Bulk Comment Actions

To moderate bulk comments in WordPress, use the x key and Shift-x key to select or deselect the checkbox. A comment selected with x key will be remain selected. Navigate with J or K keys and continue pressing x to bulk select comments.

Use the following shortcuts to take bulk actions on all checked comments:

  • Letter | Action
  • Shift+a | approves all checked comments.
  • Shift+s | moves the selected comments to spam section.
  • Shift+d | selected comments will be deleted.
  • Shift+u | unapproves the checked comments.
  • Shift+t | moves the selected comments to trash.
  • Shift+z | restores the selected comments from trash.

Comment Shortcuts not working

If comment shortcuts are not working for you then first of all check if you have enabled the comment moderation option under your profile settings.

Make sure you are an administrator or at least an editor to moderate comments. Only these two user roles have permissions to moderate comments. See WordPress user roles for more details.


We have just covered almost full list of keyboard shortcuts in WordPress which will work both in Windows and Mac. They may look many to you but we can bet there will be few which will fit in your workflow and with the passage of time, you will become quite familiar and learn how to use keyboard shortcuts in Wordpress easily.

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