Akismet is a pre-installed plugin comes with every installation of WordPress to fight spam. Believe it or not, comment spamming is a lucrative business and there are even spamming farms ready to pollute your blog with nonsense comments and links.

The solution is to install an anti-spam plugin and what else do you need if the plugin comes pre-installed, it’s Akismet.

What is Akismet Plugin in WordPress?

As we have already discussed, Akismet is a plugin you will always see in WordPress plugins section. This comment spam filtering software is hard on spammers and saves you hours of work for deleting spam comments manually. However Akismet is not activated by default.

spam comment example

When activated and configured properly, the plugin will become your first plugin to fight comment spamming. This anti-spam WordPress plugin will check all of the comments visitors are making on your site and separate the spam comments with it’s own learning and updating system.

Akismet is a WordPress plugin offered by Automattic. It is the same company after other award-winning plugins like Jetpack, VaultPress and others.

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How does Akismet Work?

If you have recently installed WordPress, the first thing you should do is to activate and configure Akismet. There is no download or any type of installation required as Akismet comes already installed with WordPress. Let’s activate it.

  • From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins. Activate Akismet Anti-Spam plugin.

akismet plugin activate

  • You will instantly see a dashboard message Setup your Akismet account. click the button.

setup akismet account

  • If you don’t see the message, simply click the Settings option underneath Akismet plugin name.

Where to get API Key for Akismet?

The plugin works by installing Akismet API key which will let the plugin to connect to its servers for spam filtering. You need to create your Akismet account to get the free API key exclusively for your own website.

  • From the Akismet Configuration page, click the button Get you API key.

get akismet api key

  • It will take you to Akismet.com where the website will guide you to create an account and get your API key.

akismet user account

  • You can choose Akismet Basic which is a totally free plan. Just drag the slider to 0 for free working version.

akismet free plan

If you are running a professional blog, we strongly recommend to go with Akismet Plus which is premium version of Akismet with additional more advanced features.

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See Akismet pricing at https://akismet.com/plans/ for more details.

  • Whichever option you choose, you will be given the free API key ready to be installed on your site.

akismet api key

  • To add the key, go back to your plugin settings in WordPress, enter the key and press Connect with API key.

install api key

  • The system will verify Akismet key and give you a confirmation shortly. Akismet is all set to fight spam.

Akismet Stats:

Akismet Stats will keep you informed about the spam comments the system has blocked. The reports will be generated on monthly basis which can be accessed from Settings > Akismet page.

akismet stats report

Akismet pros and cons:

Akismet is a versatile WordPress plugin but obviously like other softwares it is not 100% accurate. Sometimes it can flag legitimate comments as spam which you have to tell it manually that the comment is not spam by removing the comment from the spam list.


Finding and deleting spam comments manually in WordPress is a painstaking job which can waste a lot of your time. As your blog gets more exposure, it will become a more lucrative target for spammers. To make them on the run, you will find Akismet anti-spam plugin totally worth it to control comment spamming.

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