Although still in beta version, WordPress 4.9 is set to be released in mid of November with exciting new features.

In this article, we will see which new features have been added to WordPress 4.9 and a brief introduction for most of them so you can enjoy by trying them out yourself. Let’s dive in to discuss in detail.

WordPress 4.9 What’s New

Here is a list of main new features of WordPress 4.9 you need to know:

  • Schedule Changes in Theme Customizer
  • All-New CSS code editor
  • Improved Text Widget
  • New Gallery Widget

As still under development, it is recommended to test it on a local server like WAMP or try WordPress Beta Tester plugin.

See our guide how to install WordPress on a local server using WAMP.

Schedule Changes in Theme Customizer

Theme Customizer in WordPress 4.9 comes with new options to either publish, draft or schedule theme changes.

How about schedule your theme background turns red on Christmas ? 🙂

wordpress theme scheduler

Click the gear icon to reveal the additional options column.

Woopoo's Tip

Even a preview link has been generated which you can share with people who can’t access Customizer to get feedback.

theme customizer preview link

All-New CSS code editor

This one is a huge. Code editor in WordPress 4.9 has been greatly enhanced with features like syntax highlighting and auto-complete code, normally found in dedicated code editing softwares.

wordpress css auto complete

It will not only help you out in writing code but also let you know of any CSS errors and warnings. Just hover your mouse over the tiny red cross or yellow warning icons to see even possible solutions.

wordpress css error check

Go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS to see the new code editor. You will also see it in action while editing themes or plugins PHP files within WordPress.

Now even non-programmers will be able to write code in WordPress easily.

You will also like to see our article 20 free text code editors to edit WordPress files

Improved Text Widget

Two big improvements have been done for default text widget in WordPress 4.9. Add Media button has been added to the text widget and integrated support of adding shortcodes is a big plus.

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets to see the new text widget.

wordpress 4.9 text widget

New Gallery Widget

After adding super useful widgets in WordPress 4.8 like rich text, audio, video and image widgets, WordPress strikes back with another really useful widget, this time a Gallery widget.

Adding a photo gallery in the sidebar is just a click away now. Drag and drop a gallery widget, add your image gallery and you are good to go.

wordpress 4.9 gallery widget

For more details, see how to add a gallery in WordPress without any plugin.

Download link

Click here to download WordPress 4.9 and test it yourself.

Don’t install WordPress 4.9 on a live site as it is still in beta mode.

Woopoo's Caution

Additional Reading


We hope you like the new features introducing in WordPress 4.9 as we do. Let’s wait until mid of November to update WordPress to the latest version.

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