WordPress 4.8 new features is here with all its glory. With more than 346 contributors on board, WordPress 4.8 is ready to download, named “Evans” (a famous pianist William John Bill Evans). A must-have update for all WordPress lovers.
Always take a complete backup before updating WordPress Core files including database backup. Woopoo's Tip

New Media Widgets in WordPress 4.8

With the addition of three new media widgets, WordPress is going to rock your world. There was a huge demand specially for integrating images and videos in widgets so these features have been finally entertained.
wordpress 4.8 widgets

Image Widget

WordPress 4.8 Image Widget is a huge plus for bloggers community. The only possibility to add an image to WordPress sidebar was only through writing HTML code. Now! it’s a thing of past.
You can even link image to a post, page or virtually anything you want. A big Yes!!!

Audio Widget

Likewise, Adding audio to WordPress is easy than ever before. Just drag an audio widget to Sidebar and select your audio either from media library or a remote url. Just upload audio to media library first.
wordpress audio widget

video Widget

Adding video to WordPress sidebar is a piece of cake now. Add a video widget to sidebar and just select your video either from media library or from a url.
wordpress video widget
Once loaded, you can edit or replace widget video as well.
wordpress replace video
Upload your video to Youtube and add a link of the video in widget. It will save you giving extra load to your hosting provider. Woopoo's Tip

New Text Widget in WordPress 4.8

Text widget has been written from grounds up. Now it’s come with all bells and whistles of a visual editor built in. Features like making text bold and italic, make lists and adding links, it’s all there.
wordpress text widget

News and Events Widget
(WordPress Dashboard)

Now you can see all near-by WordPress events right from your Dashboard. Get social with WordPress community in more than 400 cities all over the world. It will give you more opportunities to enhace WordPress Knowledge and become a part of community more tightly.
wordpress events widget

Link Enhancement (Visual Editor)

Previously users find it glitchy to add or edit the links in visual editor. Now link boundaries has been introduced so your link will never get “leaked” to non-linked text. It’s just there now what you need to know.
wordpress link text

Apart from these features, other features are more developer focused. If you are interested to know more about what’new for developers in WordPress 4.8, see this article here.

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What’s your stance on WordPress 4.8?

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