A sidebar in WordPress is a vertical bar to show additional site information which is usually not a part of the main content of a page or a post. Most common location of sidebar is either on the left side or right side of a WordPress page.

Let’s see how to use sidebar in WordPress properly to get the most out of it.

Sidebar was first introduced in WordPress 2.2

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See learningCMS sidebar as an example:

wordpress sidebar

Sidebar Layout:

The sidebar size and styling is usually defined by theme developers but adding content into sidebar using widgets is your job. See our article what is a WordPress widget for more help.

Sidebars are not always vertical and could be horizontal although WordPress vertical sidebar is more popular. See a layout below.

wordpress sidebar layout

Using Sidebar in WordPress

The default sidebar remains static so you can use sidebar to show your social media profiles, recent posts, your products or any special discounts. You can even run ads in Sidebar to monetize your blog.

Whatever you will add in a sidebar will be accessible throughout your whole website or blog unless the theme has an option to hide sidebar.

Responsive Sidebar in WordPress

If you are already using a responsive theme or want to buy a new one, always check how the theme is handling sidebar on a mobile? In most responsive themes, the sidebar will be shifted to bottom when browsing site on a mobile device which is a desirable action.

see also how to check if a theme is responsive


A sidebar in WordPress is a prime location. Use it by adding widgets to display interesting and useful information to engage your visitors.

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