If you are a blogger then this might be what you want but if you are running a business website and wants to change that blog feel of your website then you need to change the settings for WordPress default front page.

This is also true when you want to keep front page and blog separate by adding a blog link in WordPress main menu.

Before changing WordPress front page behavior, you need to create a page which will act as a static front page.

  • From your dashboard go to Pages > Add New.
wordpress add new page
  • Create an attractive page and Publish.

You can use slider, add gallery, product testimonials to fill your front page.

Woopoo's Tip

You have done it but WordPress don’t know anything about it. Let’s feed it a static front page.

From dashboard go to Settings > Reading. Under Front page displays choose the option A static page. Select the page you previously created.

wordpress static front page

Static Front page using Theme Options

Another way to make WordPress front page static is by changing settings from Appearance tab.

  • From your dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize.
wordpress customize front page

Select the Static Front Page menu item (second from down) and select the page as you did before. It will effectively change your front page to a static page.

Add Blog Posts to Static Front page

You can show a static front page plus blog together using a plugin WP Latest Posts

Install and activate the plugin. See our article how to install a plugin in WordPress for more details.

In your front page visual editor, click the button Add Latest Post.

wordpress latest posts page

See the video below for more clarification.

Disable Comments

You can disable comments on static front page to make it no comments page. Simply uncheck the option Discussion while making your page which will remove comments functionality on front end.

wordpress page disable comments

We have tried our best to cover everything related to static front page settings in WordPress. If you still have any questions do let us know using the comments section below.

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