Google doesn’t need an introduction. Billions of people around the world use Google to search not only webpages but also images, videos, maps, news and the list is quite long.

A wealth of information is stored on their servers waiting to be served with a click of a button.

Well you may be pretty sure that Google knows the answer of any of your questions but did you ever think what Google really knows about YOU? What about if all of your search queries has been tracked or even your moves? Did Google know about your likes dislikes? The answer is an absolute Yes!

According to Google privacy policy, once you signup for a Google account, the data will be collected for the services you use. The sole reason is to make your experience better and to improve those services to make them even more useful.

Let’s see what data has been buried in Google which should matters you a lot or if you are a bit more conscious about your privacy.


  • Google Dashboard
  • Google Search History
  • YouTube Search History
  • Google Maps Location History
  • Google Ads
  • Permissions
  • Track Your Phone

1. Google Dashboard


Dashboard holds all the Google apps and products you are using. It will also provide a summary and the data collected for each product. You can visit each app right from dashboard and make appropriate settings.

Moreover you have full control to purge all the saved data associated to a specific product.

google dashboard

2. Google Search History


Google search history will show you all the searches you have made in Google for years. Yes! you can even view what you have searched last year on a specific date right from here.

You can delete individual searches from the list shown or delete all Google history with one click. Google also gives you full liberty to turn this feature off if you want to.

google search history

Turning off history will make Google less accurate as it will no longer collects data about your interests and previous searches.

Woopoo's Caution

3. YouTube History


As Google search history, YouTube also keeps search history separately. It will keep track of all the videos you have searched and watched and make further recommendations based on your history.

As always, You will be in full control to turn this feature off.

youtube history

YouTube history can help you find a video you have watched before and facing trouble searching it again.

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4. Google Maps Location History


location history in Google Maps will keep record of all of your movements and the places you have visited. Google uses this information to recommend you near-by places, traffic updates and related stuff.

From Google location history timeline feature, you can see where did you exactly spend your last summers or even filter places you visited on a day by day basis. All places you have visited are right inside Google. Pretty amazing!

google location history

5. Google Ads


Google offers advertisements based on your interests. And how do Google know about your interests? Basically it will track record of your interests from two places. What you are searching in Google and what you have configured in your Google Account Ads settings.

google ads

6. Apps Permissions


Google even knows what other apps you are using if they are linked to your Google account. Yes, if you are using your Google account to sign-in purposes to other apps then those apps will be linked to your account. You can also see what type of access has been granted to them and at what level.

Apps can also be removed if you are no longer using them and they are still linked to your Google account.

google apps permissions

7. Track Your lost Android Phone

How about if Google can find your lost mobile? Seems crazy but it’s quite possible if you have setup you phone with your Google Account. Google will track your Android phone and you can make your phone ring or locate it whenever needed right from your account.

google track phone

How we know Google is a search engine spitting out answers of our queries but many of us don’t know Google is doing much more behind the scenes to serve us even more accurately.

Google knows so much about you that may be in near future who knows Google would create a digital You using all this information. Ironic!! 🙂

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