Hey! wait a minute! Which WordPress theme they are using? Well, you will agree, this is a question every blogger experienced at least once in a life while browsing some other website.

WordPress Themes fascinate to many and we will see multiple ways to check what theme your competitor is using?

Let’s start with the first one out of 5 tools to detect WordPress theme.

01. BuiltWith

URL: https://builtwith.com/

BuiltWith has the potential to detect WordPress theme of any website along with revealing other useful information like the web hosting service the website is using, plugins and other services.

Just feed in the website you want to check and press Lookup.


02. ScanWP

URL: http://scanwp.net/

SCanWP claims to be the best WordPress theme detector including plugins detection. The tool will not only find theme of the competitor’s website but also shows you a screenshot along with its price and where to buy.

Scroll down a bit and a list of all the scanned plugins will be revealed to you as well. Pretty useful.

scanwp wordpress theme detector


WordPress sites with custom themes installed will not be detectable.

Woopoo's Caution

03. GTmetrix

URL: https://gtmetrix.com

You may be amazed to see this tool here in the list. GTmetrix is known for checking website speed but we can use the same tool to find other useful information related to any website like finding the theme and plugins that website is using.

Feed in the website and the tool will start its scanning. Once done it will show the website report, switch to Waterfall tab and analyze the entries to find the information you want.

wordpress theme detect online

04. Chrome Developer Tools

Google Chrome browser comes with an awesome set of Developer Tools. Firefox, Safari, and other browsers come with their own tools.

  • To check the theme of any website, right click on the site and select Inspect from the menu.

chrome browser inspect

  • Switch to Sources tab from the top menu. Browse the information revealed in the left-hand pane to know the theme, plugins and other technologies the website is using.

detect wordpress theme in browser

05. WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector

URL: https://factory-wp.com

This tool works as a theme detector extension available for all popular browsers including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari. Install it and it will be ready to do its job.

  • Visit the target website for detecting its theme and plugins.
  • The extension’s tiny icon will turn colorful as soon as it will complete its job.
  • Click the icon to reveal the information.

chrome extension detect wordpress theme

Here is a video tutorial for the same:

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We hope using the information above, you will be able to detect and find WordPress theme of 99% websites.

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