Although it is not a good idea to forcefully stop or disable automatic updates in WordPress as they are enabled for your own good but many bloggers want to do it manually to take full control of their blog.

In this article let’s see how to disable auto updates in WordPress using wp-config.php file.

Automatic background updates were first introduced in WordPress 3.7

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Stop Automatic Updates in WordPress

To stop the auto update function, you need to edit your blog’s wp-config.php file. The file location is generally where you have installed WordPress i.e public_html or www directory, also known as home directory.

You can access the file using FTP or CPanel.

  • Login to your site with CPanel. If you want to use FTP, see our tutorial how to setup FTP for WordPress
  • Right-click the wp-config.php file and choose Edit option.

cpanel wp-config file

  • Add the following code right after define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”) line:


wpconfig code example

  • Save the file and close.

The code above will disable all updates for your WordPress blog. You have to take care of all updates for yourself now.

Disable all WordPress Updates with a plugin

Although a plugin is not required for this job but if coding really gives you goosebumps then you can choose a plugin Disable All WordPress Updates.

wordpress disable updates plugin

  • This plugin works out-of-the-box and doesn’t have any display settings.

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We hope you learned how to stop automatic updates in WordPress and make sure to disable the functionality if you really need it.

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