WordPress is not updating the changes you have made recently? You have changed the theme but WordPress is still showing old theme? Chances are you need to clear caches in order to see the updated results.

Internet caches are used to improve browsing experience by loading static pages or pages from history.

From a blogger’s perspective it could create problems if you update something on your WordPress site, it will show you the cached content instead of showing what you have recently changed. It could be quite annoying.

The solution is to clear all types of caches to get an accurate updated view of your website.

What is WordPress Cache?

WordPress is a database-driven software. What it means every time a URL is requested by a visitor, it needs to connect to database to fetch the page on-the-fly. This could increase website loading time.

To bypass database calls every time, WordPress makes use of caching plugins to save static version of the pages in cache to display when requested. It improves website performance and reduce server load times.

wordpress cache diagram

As an administrator of your blog, you need to clear these caches to see any updates you have made to your blog.

Step1: Clear Browser Cache

The first step is to to clear your browser cache. It will purge all the locally saved pages and refresh the browser display. We are using Google Chrome browser to show you the process. Similar steps could be taken in other browsers like Firefox or Safari.

  • From your Chrome browser, click the vertical three dots on the upper right corner then More tools > Clear browsing data…
google chrome clear browsing data
  • In the Clear browsing data window, make sure Cached images and files is checked before pressing the button. It will force browser to clear all cache.
chrome cache options

It will clear all the saved browsing data in your browser. Now visit your website to see the updated changes.

If you still can’t see the changes, we need to move to step 2.

Step 2: Clear cache in WordPress Caching Plugin

If clearing the browser history didn’t solve your problem, we need to purge cache of any of the caching plugins you are using in WordPress. This includes clearing cache for posts and pages also. The two most popular caching plugins are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.


Purge cache in W3 Total Cache plugin

  • Login to dashboard and go to Performance. Click empty all caches button to clear server cache.
w3 total cache clear cache

This will clear cache folder saved by W3 Total Cache on your web server. Visit your website and refresh your browser

Clear cache in WP Super Cache

  • To clear cache data in WP Super Cache, from your dashboard, go to Settings > WP Super Cache. Click the button Delete Cache.
wp super cache clear

This will clear all cache files saved on your server. Again check the changes by visiting your website. It should show all the updates you have made.

Step 3: Disable Cache

If you are developing your blog and making frequent changes, its better not to install any caching plugin at the moment or disable cache for this time. Just deactivate the caching plugin from dashboard > Plugins menu. You an activate it later on when you are done with your blog changes.


Other Cache Resources to Check

The above steps will solve WordPress caching issues for most of the people. If you are still facing any problems then chances are you are using a CDN service or a web application firewall like CloudFlare which have their own caching solutions.

Another possibility is that your web hosting provider is using custom caching solution for hosting websites. In all these cases you need to consult these services documentation or their support team.

It’s always a good idea to purge cache of these plugins whenever you make any blog-level changes. We have seen different methods to clear cache in WordPress but if you still have any questions to ask, do let us know using the comments section below.

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