Its not very long we wrote a detailed tutorial on setting up Wordfence in WordPress but we got a lot of emails regarding how to install Wordfence on localhost site.

If you don’t know about localhost, it is an offline testing environment for WordPress on your own computer so once you are confidant that everything is running fine then you can transfer your WordPress site to live server.

It’s always a good idea to test themes, plugins or any other related activity on localhost WordPress site instead of testing things on a live site.

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Back to our topic, the problem is when you install Wordfence on an offline WordPress site, it might show you a blank page. The site may no longer open and stopped working. You will not be able to access even your login page.

The only solution is to delete the Wordfence plugin directory from the wp-content > plugins folder where you have installed WordPress.

  • To run Wordfence on localhost, you need to add a tiny code to your Apache server file httpd.conf
localhost apache

We are using WAMP but same procedure could be implemented if you are using XAMPP, LAMP, MAMP or any other software for localhost setup.

  • Click the httpd.conf file to open it, scroll down all the way down and add the following code right at the end.
<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
ThreadStackSize 8888888
  • Save the file.
  • Restart WAMP server. You can click Stop All Services and then Restart All Services from the small icon on the Windows taskbar.
  • Refresh your browser or visit your site login page and if all good, you will be able to configure and test Wordfence on localhost.

This issue is mostly occurs on Windows machines running Apache server other than that you are saved. Such errors are quite frustrating because they give an instant stop to your blog setup and finding solutions could take some time to resume. Wordfence showing a blank page is one of such issues and we tried our best to address it so you can save your time as much as possible.

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