What is G Suite

In September 2016, Google announced G Suite formerly known as Google Apps for Work.

G Suite is a set of integrated set of apps which you can access from your computer, tablet or phone to work seamlessly across all platforms. Gmail is now a part of G Suite and enable you to get a business email with Gmail.

Google business account setup for your business blog looks more professional and is recommended to build trust with your customers.

For example a professional email sales@yourcompany.com will look more trustworthy than company-sales@gmail.com which is looking quite ordinary.

Public email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail can serve the purpose for individuals very well but when it comes to business, setting up a company email account should be an essential part for any business strategy.

Google G Suite is a perfect answer for setting up emails for small business to an enterprise solution.

Gmail Business Benefits

Gmail business account comes with a loads of benefits which are not available to free Gmail users. Lets have a quick look what you are missing if you are not using Gmail business account.

Google G Suite is a perfect answer for setting up emails for small business to an enterprise solution.


Ads free interface


Double storage amount than free Gmail account i.e 30 GB


Connectivity with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird


99.9% guaranteed uptime


Accompanied by powerful gmail android app and gmail iphone app


24/7 dedicated G Suite customer support including phone and email support


Additional security features like two-step authentication and much more


What does G Suite Cost

G Suite pricing is different for three different plans. G Suite Basic costs $5 per user per month, G Suite Business costs $10 per user per month and there is one Enterprise offer also. See more details here. The additional G Suite plans comes with more features.

You can use G Suite for 30 days free of cost and without any credit card information required. You need to pay only once your G Suite free trial period expired. You will also get 20% off for your first year once you registered an account with them.

Setting up a G Suite account

Setting up a Gmail business account involves you must have a domain name or a website for your business because only then you will be able to use Gmail with custom domain.

All your email accounts will be based on the domain name for your business. Google can assist you to buy a domain name but if you need a complete hosting package, you can buy one at Hostgator and get straight 30% Off, this is the hosting company we are using at learningcms.com.

Get a domain + hosting package from Hostgator (This offer is as low as $3/month). Once done, you will get a domain name for your business and your are good to go for the rest of this G Suite tutorial.

All that said, lets start our practical part now. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a G Suite account and it will automatically create Gmail business account as well.

  1. Visit G Suite Account Setup to start. Click Start free trial
gsuite start free trial

2. Click Next to proceed.

gsuite start

3. Write a business name to be associated with your G Suite account. Also click Just you in Number of employees, you will be able to add as many users as you want later on.

gsuite business

4. Select your country for your business and click Next.

gsuite business location

5. Enter your current email address which you are using right now. It could be any email address.

gsuite email

6. Here it simply asks whether you already have a working website domain or not? As we already have one, click Yes, I have one i can use.

In case, you don’t have a domain, click No, i need one and Google will assist you to get one. You also don’t need to follow rest of the steps in this tutorial.

gsuite domain

7. Enter your domain name and click Next

gsuite domain name

8. Enter your First name and Last name which will also become G Suite admin account.

gsuite name

9. Enter a Username and Password and click Next. Notice your complete email address will be username@yourdomain.com.

In our case it is username@learningcms.com, a complete company email address and this is what we want.

gsuite sign in

10. We are almost done. Click I’m not a robot and Agree and Create Account.

gsuite done

Until now, you have successfully created your G Suite account but it is not configured to be used with Gmail. In the next steps we will make G Suite account to work with Gmail and other email clients.

11. Google has already created our G Suite admin email account. Click Go To Setup.

gsuite go to setup

12. It’s time to make additional accounts in G Suite. Click Start.

gsuite add people

13. Add more accounts at this stage or skip it to add accounts later on. Lets skip this step right now and only focus on setting up G Suite account properly. Check I added all user email addresses…and click Next.

gsuite add people done

14. Verify domain for G Suite is an important step and that’s why Google offers multiple options to verify G Suite account.


Adding a meta tag to the header of your website


Add a domain host record (TXT or CNAME)


Upload HTML file to your website hosting account


Add a domain host MX record

gsuite verify domain

We are not using meta tag method because of two reasons. Sometimes it creates conflicts with other header elements in website. The second reason being it could also affect your site loading speed.

If you still want to use meta tag, install WordPress plugin Insert Headers and Footers. Once installed, copy the meta tag from G Suite and paste it in the Scripts in Header section of the plugin

However, the best method to us is to upload HTML file to your website hosting service. It is completely independent way of G Suite domain verification and doesn’t need to install anything extra to your website. Let’s do it.

wordpress header plugin

15. Click Choose a different method and select Upload HTML file to yourwebsitename.com

gsuite domain options

16. Download the file and click I downloaded the G Suite HTML verification file

gsuite download file

17. Once the file is downloaded, it’s time to upload it to your web hosting server.

gsuite upload file

18. Login to your web hosting service. Go to public_html and click Upload to upload the file you downloaded.

We, at learningcms.com, are using Hostgator’s web hosting so some of the next steps will include images from Hostgator.

cpanel upload

Upload G suite HTML verification file to root directory i.e public_html or where you have installed WordPress.

Woopoo's Caution

19. Now you need to open the html file url in browser. Visit yourwebsite.com/google-verfication-file-name.html and press Enter on your keyboard.

Note: Replace the google verification file name with your file name.

20. The things are getting quite technical. You can take a 5 minutes break here 🙂 or it could be quite stressful later on.

21. Ok back to work again. Click I have opened the control panel for my domain.

gsuite cpanel

22. Here you have shown MX records you need to add to your Hostgator account. Take a note of all of them or keep the window open.

gsuite mxrecords

23. Login to your Hostgator hosting account and go to Hosting tab. If you are using some other web hosting provider, take steps accordingly.

hostgator hosting tab

24. Click Email menu item.

hostgator email tab

25. Scroll down until you see MX Entry. Click this option.

hostgator mx entry

26. If there are any entries in MX Records, we need to remove them. Click Remove to delete the record.

hostgator remove entry

Take a backup note of the current values and save it if you need to resume it later on.

Woopoo's Caution

27. In the Add New Record, add all records one by one you got from Google. Don’t forget to add priority according to each MX record.

add new record

28. Double check all the records you made. Back in G Suite settings, click I created the new MX records.

29. In the next screen, click I have deleted existing MX records.

delete mxrecord

30. Click I saved the MX records. The settings will take affect in 24 to 48 hours but in the mean time, you will be able to continue getting emails on your older email provider.

What are these MX records? In easy words these MX records will tell any incoming email that your new home is now Gmail servers.

gsuite save entry

31. If you have made it until here, you have successfully created your Gmail company account. click Verify Domain and Set Up Email.

gsuite verify domain last

Take a deep breath. You have made it. The G Suite account you have created can be further accessed using http://admin.google.com once it will get set up properly.

gsuite bar

G Suite Dashboard

You can create Gmail  user accounts, access billing information and handle all tasks from G Suite admin dashboard. All users can access their Gmail accounts by simply visiting Gmail.com

Note: Only G Suite administrator accounts can access dashboard.

gsuite admin dashboard

Troubleshooting G Suite

If in case you didn’t find your hosting provider MX records, you can check this article to set up generic MX records.

We hope you find this article useful as we tried our best to cover each step as clearly as possible. If you still need any help, do let us know using the comments sections below and we would love to help you.

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