Scheduling a post in WordPress is sort of a hidden feature in WordPress. It will keep your blog alive and let your visitors keep reading your blog posts according to your defined editorial calendar.

We will see in this article how to schedule a post in WordPress to be published automatically on a later date.

Lets say you are going on a vacation but still want to publish posts while you are away. This is where WordPress scheduling feature will help you. It’s easy:

  • Write the posts and schedule them for specific dates.
  • Enjoy your vacation.
  • WordPress will publish the posts automatically on the mentioned dates.

Now let’s see the process in action.

How to schedule a post in WordPress?

  • Write your post as you do normally and make it ready for scheduling. From Publish settings, click Edit in front of Publish immediately.

wordpress schedule post settings

  • Set a future date for your post. You can fill in month, date, year and even time of the day. Click OK to apply the date.

wordpress post schedule date

WordPress uses a 24-hour clock format for post scheduling. For example, write 15:00 for 3 PM.

Woopoo's Tip

  • Publish Button will be replaced by Schedule button. Click it for the changes to take affect.

wordpress post schedule button

You are done with scheduling your first post. It will get triggered on first visit to your blog on the scheduled date.

Un-schedule a Post

Let’s say your vacation has been cancelled 🙂 xxjokingxx. Now you want to remove schedule from your post. The process will be the same.

Open your post and simply change the date to current date and time. WordPress will publish the scheduled post immediately.

Scheduled post not publishing

If your scheduled posts missed the schedule, it means WordPress was unable to run the cron to publish the post automatically. Consider cron as a WordPress built-in scheduler.

wp-cron.php is the file which handles cron jobs in WordPress.

Woopoo's Tip

WordPress needs an activity to be done on your website on the day you have specified in your scheduled date. If no one has visited your website then WordPress will be unable to run the cron and display it as “Missed schedule” error.

The simple solution is to visit your blog on the scheduled day at least one time.


All in all, scheduling blog posts is a great feature in WordPress when you simply want to take a break from blogging. Just write your posts and set them to publish in later dates and you are done.

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