As you may already know, WordPress functionality can be enhanced by installing plugins and here we will discuss 10 important plugins you can install on a new and fresh WordPress site.

The plugins we have added to the list below offer certain features which are missed in WordPress by default and must be added to run your WordPress blog smoothly.

  1. SEO Plugin
  2. Security Plugin
  3. Cache Plugin
  4. Backup Plugin
  5. Social Media sharing plugin
  6. Akismet
  7. Captcha Plugin
  8. Google analytics Plugin
  9. Sitemap Plugin
  10. Nofollow links Plugin

1. SEO Plugin

wordpress seo plugin

Installing an SEO plugin in WordPress will boost your position in search engines. There are billions of websites on the internet and making your website stands out is an important task in itself.

An SEO plugin will let you properly configure your website for search engine optimization and guide you while writing posts and pages so that your website or blog can get a good position in search engines.

Here is a tutorial for you to install and configure Yoast SEO plugin step-by-step to make your website SEO-friendly.

2. Security Plugin

wordpress security plugin

You may have heard WordPress can be hacked easily. This is true when you will not take necessary measures to protect your blog from hackers and this applies to any website whether it is built on WordPress or not.

Protecting your blog should be your first step and this is where WordPress security plugins come into play. A security plugin will be your virtual guard and protect your blog from bad bots, brute force attacks and related hacking methods.

Protect your blog with Wordfence Security plugin today!

3. Cache Plugin

wordpress cache plugin

Nobody likes slow websites. If your website or blog will not open in 2 seconds, chances are you will lose a good amount of your visitors. A WordPress cache plugin will make static copies of your website posts and pages instead of touring the database each time. This process significantly boosts your site speed.

Install a cache plugin after completely set up your website.

Woopoo's Tip

However, always install a cache plugin in the last. Make sure you have already configured your website and it is all set up. The plugin will start making static pages of your website and making any changes afterward may not appear on your website instantly. You have to flush your WordPress cache again and again which is a tedious process.

See our guide how to configure W3Total Cache and WP Super Cache Complete Settings [Beginner’s Tutorial] for more details.

4. Backup Plugin

wordpress backup plugin

As the name suggests, a backup plugin will take backups of your WordPress site after a set time intervals. Daily, weekly and monthly backups can be configured based on your site activity and traffic.

Mishaps happen but backups will save you under such unlucky situations. Instead of banging your head against the wall, you will kiss yourself to have a backup which you can restore.

See our guide on Simple and easy WordPress backup guide

5. Social Media Sharing Plugin

social media sharing plugin wp

Using a social media sharing plugin is another way to generate traffic to your blog. Such plugins let you and your visitors share your awesome stuff with the world.

Almost all websites use some kind of a way to let people share their stuff and that’s why this is important for you to install a social sharing plugin on your fresh WordPress site.

Here is a list of 10 best FREE social media plugins for WordPress.

6. Akismet

akismet plugin wordpress

Akismet plugin will take care of spammers trying to leave spammy comments on your blog.

Handling spam of your own is a big problem and can eat away a lot of your precious time. Akismet will automatically keep spammers at bay so you can make good use of your time. The plugin comes pre-installed on WordPress but you have to configure it properly to let it start hunting spam comments.

Here is our guide on how to configure Akismet properly.

7. Captcha Plugin

captcha plugin wordpress

Installing a captcha plugin on your blog is another way to reduce or kill spamming. A captcha plugin will guard your comments section, contact form and other related input fields to keep away spammers and automatic bad bots to fill in junk text.

See our tutorial Installing captcha (reCAPTCHA) plugin in WordPress for more details.

8. Google Analytics Plugin

google analytics plugin

Need to know who is visiting your website and how much traffic you are getting? Using Google Analytics is the answer. See our guide Google Analytics Complete Setup Guide for more details.

To use Google Analytics, you first need to install a code on your website which is quite tricky for new bloggers. To make this task super easy, install a Google Analytics plugin and just paste your code into it and you will be all set to go.

See our tutorial Simple WordPress plugin for Google Analytics

9. Sitemap Plugin

wordpress sitemap plugin

A Sitemap is like a catalog of all of your website’s posts and pages in one place. Search engines love sitemaps to crawl your website results in fast indexing.

Most SEO plugins come with sitemap functionality built-in so you don’t need to do anything but separate plugins are also available for the same.

See our tutorial sitemaps in WordPress for more details.

10. Nofollow links Plugin

nofollow links wordpress plugin

Nofollow and dofollow links are more of SEO terms. For the sake of simplicity, if you add text links to external websites in your posts or pages, all of such links should be nofollow but WordPress by default lacks this ability.

A plugin is absolutely important to install to stop giving dofollow links which could also be harmful to your blog.

See our tutorial how to insert nofollow links into WordPress posts?

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We hope the above list of 10 plugins will make your life easier if you are looking for the most important plugins to be installed in your new WordPress site.

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