It is a good idea to delete or remove old or unused themes which come with WordPress by default. It is also true for the themes which you installed but no longer in use.

In this article, we will see multiple ways to remove a WordPress theme from your website.

There are three methods to remove or uninstall a WordPress theme from your site.

  1. Remove theme from WordPress dashboard
  2. Delete a theme using CPanel
  3. Delete a theme using FTP

Before proceeding further, it is also a good idea to take a complete backup of your WordPress site to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

1. Remove Theme from WordPress Dashboard

The easiest method to remove a WordPress theme is directly from admin dashboard (Backend). Let’s see this method step-by-step:

  • Login to your admin panel using your administrator account. see how to login to WordPress if you are an absolute beginner.
  • Go to Appearance>Themes. You will land on your themes page.

wordpress themes location

  • Hover your mouse over the theme you want to delete and press Theme Details button.

wordpress theme details

  • Click the Delete button in the bottom right corner.

delete button wordpress theme

  • Theme and all its settings deleted successfully.

The Delete button will not be available for the Active theme.

Woopoo's Tip

2. Delete A Theme using CPanel

The process we have discussed above may not work correctly if you are either on a slow web hosting provider or a slow internet connection. The other way around is to delete the theme folder using CPanel.

Deleting the theme folder is like deleting or uninstalling a theme from within WordPress.

  • Login to your web hosting CPanel.
  • Go to File Manager and then your root directory. Also known as public_html or www directory. You will see all of your WordPress files and folders.
  • Go to wp-content > themes directory.

wordpress wp-content directory

  • Delete all the unused or extra theme folders you don’t want to keep. The themes will be removed completely.

Make sure not to delete your Active theme folder. There will be no warning.

Woopoo's Caution

3. Delete Theme using FTP

Using FTP to delete a WordPress theme is not very much different from the method we have discussed above.

wordpress ftp client

  • Repeat the steps 3 and 4 from the second method.

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Removing or deleting extra themes from your WordPress site will save you disk space and other benefits. We hope you will be able to easily delete any theme from your WordPress site with any of the above methods.

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