WordPress menus assist visitors to navigate blog pages in a proper way. It is an essential part of any properly developed website and enhances user experience. In this step by step tutorial, we will see how to add a navigation menu in WordPress.

From dashboard, go to Appearance > Menus

wordpress menus

Lets create a new WordPress menu if not created already. Give it a name and click Create Menu

wordpress create menu

You have just created one but its empty and we have to fill it. You can, in WordPress add menu item in four ways. Pages, Posts, Custom Links or categories. We will see all of these methods one by one.

wordpress menu options

Add  Page

Once you are done with the above steps, adding a page to WordPress menu is very simple. Drop down the Pages rollout if its not down already, select the pages you want to add and click Add to Menu

wordpress add page to menu

Add  Post

The process is same as we did for the page. Select the post you want to be added and click Add to Menu. Normally adding a post to WordPress menu is not needed unless or until required to serve any special purpose.

wordpress add post to menu

Add  Link

A Custom link could be a link to pdf, an ebook or any external content. You can upload pdf to media library, copy the pdf link url and paste in custom link. In this way, visitors will be easily access it and able to download directly.

You can also add a home button to WordPress menu. Simply write HOME in Link Text and write your blog url in URL.

wordpress add custom link to menu

Add  Category

Category rollout will show all the categories you have defined. You will see a list here depends upon how many categories you have already been created in Posts > Category section.

Select the category or any number of categories and click Add to Menu, this will add category link to menu. However the front display of a category menu item will be a list of posts associated with that category.

wordpress add category to menu

Arrange Menu items

Once the required options has been added, you can reorder menu items at your will. Just hover your cursor on a menu item and it will get highlighted, hold and drag up or down to change its position.

Add Submenu

Adding sub menu item in WordPress is similar to how you arrange items. Just hold an item and drag it to the right a bit and drop it.

On your blog homepage, it will become a drop down menu depends upon how the theme will display sub-menus.

Remove Menu item in WordPress

Just click the small arrow on the right side of menu item to reveal more options. Select Remove.

wordpress remove menu

Don’t forget to click Save Menu button occasionally otherwise you may loose all changes if you navigate to some other page.

Woopoo's Tip

You are done with your menu structure but still it needs to be shown on your blog. You have to “tell” your theme to show it. Different themes have different locations to show menus but a primary menu is mostly common to all themes to be displayed on homepage.

In the Menu Settings, Select Primary Menu. Voila! you just added a main menu to your WordPress blog. Go to your blog homepage, refresh the browser and you should see your menu with all glory.

wordpress menu location

Add Menu to Sidebar

You can add the main menu or any other menu in sidebar also. Go to Appearance > Widgets.

Drag and drop Custom Menu widget to Sidebar area. From the drop down list, select the menu you want to add and click Save.

wordpress menu sidebar

We have pretty much cover everything how to manage menus in WordPress and if you are still unsure of anything, shoot out a comment below and we will love to answer.

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