Adding animated GIF images to WordPress posts is a great way to increase visitor engagement. It will not only makes your articles entertaining, boost your page views and decrease your bounce rate. Moreover GIF images have the potential to go viral.

GIF images are also a great way to show mini step-by-step procedures for software tutorials or anything related.

Using GIF images in posts can assist you in making online tutorials and serve better clarity to viewers.

So you have an awesome GIF image and wants to add into your post. Follow along and we will show you how to add an animated GIF to WordPress.

We will use our Woopoo animated GIF which you can also see at the end of this post asking you to “gimme a share please” :). If you also want to use Woopoo just for practice, feel free to drag and drop on your desktop. Know more about who is Woopoo

From your dashboard go to Posts > Add New to add a new post.

add post

Click Add Media > Add New. From your desktop, drag and drop Woopoo GIF image to empty area. This will upload GIF image to WordPress Media library.

wordpress add media button

Once it’s in Media library, just select it to insert this gif image into post. But the important step here is to make sure that Size option should be Full Size otherwise it will show a static image instead of animated gif. Once done, click Insert into post.

wordpress gif size

Result will be flying Woopoo right inside your post.

If an animated gif is not working in WordPress, make sure its size option is set to Full Size

Woopoo's Tip

WordPress GIF Featured Image

Featured images are a great way to increase CTR (click through rates). Usually static images are used as featured images but you can use animated GIFs as featured images the same way you use static images. It will not only attracts viewers attention but also stands out from the rest of the posts.

Not all posts need to be given animated featured images, doing so will increase your page loading times

Woopoo's Caution


Animated GIF WordPress Widget

WordPress 4.8 onward added long-awaited Image Widget which makes adding any type of images to sidebar widgets a piece of cake. Adding GIF to WordPress sidebar is a lot easier now.

Just go to Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop and Image widget to sidebar area. Select your GIF image to show in sidebar. For more information see WordPress 4.8 What’s new

wordpress image widget

WordPress GIF Plugin

Giphy is the most popular GIF plugin for WordPress. They have literally hundreds and thousands of gifs to embed gif images into posts.

Install the Giphy plugin for WordPress

From your post, click the Giphy icon (A new button appeared in visual editor once you install the Giphy plugin).

giphy icon wordpress

Giphy has its own interface in which you will see a big collection of gifs waiting to be added in your post.

giphy window wordpress

click anyone you like and click Embed into Post. You can even upload your own gifs to Giphy and embed through this plugin to reduce load on your server and to save additional bandwidth. You have to make an account on Giphy website first to upload.

giphy upload

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