Hiding comments date in WordPress is another question we have been asked a couple of times by our visitors.

It is not very long we wrote an article on hiding date and author information in WordPress posts and just after that we have been bombarded with a lot of queries on how to hide or remove comments date from posts.

This is what we are going to discuss in this tutorial.

A pre-requisite is to visit our article how to edit CSS in WordPress. It will be much more easy for you to proceed with this tutorial after reading that article.

Let’s discuss the 2-step plan of action first.

  • All WordPress themes use a <div> HTML tag combined with a CSS class to display comments. This is called comment meta information. We will find that <div> which is holding the CSS class using multiple methods.
  • Hide the comments class with display property using Theme Customizer in WordPress.

For demonstration purposes only, we will use Chrome web browser and WordPress default theme twenty seventeen (2017). The procedure will be the same to hide comments in any WordPress theme.

Let’s start right away with the step #1.

  • Open your WordPress site in Chrome browser. Visit any post with comments.

wordpress post comments date

  • To remove the date information from comments, we need to know the related <div> tag and CSS class. Right-click on any of the comments date and click Inspect from the menu. It will open Chrome Devtools, a debug tool in Chrome browser.

chrome browser inspect

  • Look for the <div> HTML tag and CSS class attribute just above the date. The class is “comment-metadata” in our case. It could be different if you are using another theme.

wordpress comments css

  • Our next move is to hide this class using a CSS property display:none. You can test it right inside Chrome browser to check whether the code is working or not, or if you have selected the wrong class.
  • Remain inside Chrome Devtools, click the <div> tag. It will get selected and the .comment-metadata class properties will be displayed in a window on the right side. Write display:none with the rest of the code.

chrome devtools display


  • As you write the code, you will see the comments date is gone. But…remember we are just testing, this change is temporary.

If the above code didn’t hide your comments date, double check your class name or if you have selected the wrong class.

Woopoo's Caution

Let’s see how to make this change permanent using WordPress Theme Customizer.

  • From your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

wordpress css

  • Add the following CSS code to hide date from comments.
.comment-metadata {
  • Click Save and Publish button at the top.

You can also use SiteOrigin CSS plugin for the same purpose. The plugin will find the CSS comments class for you by just clicking on the comments date. To use this plugin, see our article how to find and edit CSS in WordPress.

We are done with hiding the date globally for all post comments in WordPress. The change is effective for all past and future comments.

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