Getting on Google first page is everyone’s dream. But now a days you need to do something more than stuffing your content with relevant keywords.

Getting position on search engine results pages (SERPs) is an art in itself as search engines are getting intelligent by updating their algorithms and you need to align your content with what they are looking for.

Google searching algorithms are quite robust and really no one knows how many ranking factors Google use but we are going to share an SEO checklist for most important Google ranking factors which will definitely guide you how to get on Google first page without paying anything to an SEO expert.

Site Factors

  • SSL Enabled (https)
  • Site Speed
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Site Structure
  • Sitemap

Brief Summary: 

SSL Enabled sites are more secure and trusted by visitors so its make sense why Google is giving them an edge over non SSL (http).

Site speed is important for a good user experience, a de-facto standard for site loading time is 2 seconds. Tools to see your site speed is Google Speed Test and Pingdom Website Speed Test.

Making Mobile Optimized blog is absolutely necessary now as Google is giving it more and more importance.

Site structure includes well-defined menus, About Page, Contact page and other related stuff.

Sitemap behaves like a door for Google bots, get one to welcome them. Once done, submit your sitemap to Google using Google Search Console > Sitemap section


On-Page Factors

  • Keyword in Title
  • Keyword in Description
  • Keyword in H1
  • Keyword in H2
  • Content Length
  • Image Optimization
  • Number of Internal Links
  • Number of External Links

Brief Summary: 

Make good use of Keywords but don’t go crazy (keyword stuffing). Content length is an important factor here, writing long articles will naturally increase your keywords strength and reduce bounce rate. See a step by step guide on how to write a long article

Image optimizations will reduce your website load times hence good user experience. Link your articles internally with your other articles and add external links where necessary.


User Interaction

  • Click Through Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time Spend on Site

Brief Summary: 

Click through rate is a rate of how many times your content has been clicked and a big signal to Google that your content is quality content so Google will improve content ranking in search engine SERPs.

As for bounce rate, lower the bounce rate, better. You can check overall bounce rate from your Google Analytics account.


Brand Signals

  • Branded Searches
  • Site Social Profiles
  • Brand Mentions
  • Brand Anchor Text

Brief Summary: 

Branded searches means quantity of searches with your brand name included in search. For example if someone needs a GoPro camera, he/she may search in two ways:

  1. buying a GoPro Camera (an unbranded search)
  2. buying a GoPro Camera Amazon (a branded search, brand name has been included)

If you are running a blog, make your brand social profiles as well (Facebook, Twitter etc…). Brand mentions and brand anchor text is how many people are mentioning your blog in their articles or by different means.


Social Signals

  • Google +1
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter/Tweets

Brief Summary: 

Strong social signals will give you more authority hence good rankings in search engines.



  • No. of authority backlinks
  • Links from .edu .gov
  • Domains linked from URL
  • External Links from URL
  • # of links from separate IPs

Brief Summary: 

Try authority backlinks from your own niche. These are real juice which will enhance your rankings.

Never buy backlinks, Google is intelligent enough to nail it down and worse…Google has no emotions so it will put your blog upside down in no time without any mercy. It doesn’t make sense if you are a food blog and getting hundreds of backlinks from a technology blog.


All of the above ranking factors are shown by their importance which can be changed or customized anytime as Google keeps on shuffling and updating algorithms.

Getting good SERPs position is not something you will get overnight. Give it some time and you will certainly see your blog position will get better.

Which factors you are planning to work on?

Please let us know using the comments section below.

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