CAPTCHA is a small program used by websites to keep bots away from making spam comments, filling forms or even registering to a website. Taking measures to protect your website or blog from spam should be your first priority as it can become a big problem later on.

If a bot gets succeeded to make a spam comment on your blog, it will keep on coming back with even more intensity and spam links with can harm your SEO also.

To save your WordPress blog from spam, you must add captcha to comments, admin login and other related forms and this is what we will show you in this article.

We will make use of Google reCAPTCHA using a plugin called Fast Secure reCAPTCHA.

Installing this plugin will enable captcha in WordPress and make use of Google’s anti-spam most secure and machine learning technology to keep spammers at bay. You can also run it in conjunction with other anti-spam software like Akismet without any compatibility issues.

wordpress captcha security

Moreover Fast Secure reCAPTCHA is an absolutely free captcha plugin which will make your pages secure which includes registration page, login, comments and even thirty party softwares like BuddyPress, Contact Forms and WooCommerce.

Lets install and configure the plugin.

wordpress captcha install

  • To run the plugin properly, the first thing you need to do is to get your API keys. API keys will connect this plugin to Google servers which will make it to work. Click the link Get reCAPTCHA keys for your site here from captcha plugin settings.

google captcha api keys

  • The link will take you to Google where you have to fill a captcha form to get your API keys.

google captcha form

  • Google reCAPTCHA generates two types of keys. A Site Key and a Secret Key. Fill in the API keys back in WordPress plugin settings and press Save Changes. You are done. Yes! it’s as simple as that. All other settings are optional.

captcha plugin settings wordpress

  • Make sure to enable the options you want if they are not enabled already. Login form, Register form, Lost password form and Comment form options must be enabled.
  • Once installed, test captcha on any of your blog posts. Make a comment and click the checkbox “I’m not a robot”. The system will check captcha with clues like known ip-addresses, cookies or even mouse movements within captcha frame. If something sounds fishy, it will show images to be selected on certain criteria which only humans can guess.

See an example of WordPress admin login page before and after captcha enabled.


wordpress admin login captcha
login page captcha in wordpress

Fast Secure reCAPTCHA is a really simple captcha plugin which can be configured without doing any complicated settings. All you need is API keys to run it properly. You may also like to see how to double secure WordPress login in 2 easy steps.

We hope you like the tutorial and protecting your WordPress blog from spammers will be much more easier for you. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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