File Transfer Protocol or simply FTP is a method to transfer bulk files over the internet. Although not popular now a days, it is still very useful and many bloggers prefer ftp to upload files to server.

In this tutorial we will show you how to setup ftp account for WordPress and the steps will be pretty much same for other blogging platforms.

We will also use an ftp client later on for ftp connection to your website or blog.

Why do you need ftp access?

It is quite common in WordPress to lose dashboard access if you accidentally misconfigured any core files or install a corrupted plugin. The result will be white screen of death. This is where ftp access will save your life. You can simply login to your ftp account and delete that plugin directory and boom!! you are back.

Setting up an ftp account for WordPress

Let’s do some practical now. Almost all web hosting accounts give you option to set up an ftp account to create ftp connection to your website or blog.

We are using Hostgator web hosting service for ftp account setup, the steps will be similar if you are using other than Hostgator.

  • Login to CPanel. Press Hosting tab and then Files & Folders.
cpanel files and folders
  • Press FTP Accounts button and create an account.
cpanel ftp account
  • Add login details by filling username and password for ftp. Directory Name should be public_html which will be ftp home directory or root directory.
cpanel ftp login details

Most hosting providers use public_html as root directory. Also try www or confirm with your hosting provider.

Woopoo's Tip

  • You have just created an ftp account. Take a snapshot or note down ftp login info.
cpanel ftp user details

Your username may looks like an email address which is perfectly fine. Also take note of ftp server settings and port number. We need these settings at the time of login.

Login to ftp account

As an ftp client to be used with WordPress, we will use WinSCP. This program has very easy to use interface and recommended for beginners. Another very popular ftp client is fileZilla. Use any of them.

  • Download and install WinSCP.
  • Double click to open. Add the ftp details hostname, username and password we noted down earlier and press Login
ftp client login

You may get two options to connect ftp or sftp. Prefer sftp with port 2222 as it is secure otherwise use ftp with port 21.

These are default ftp ports, consult your web hosting provider if they are using different.

Woopoo's Caution

  • You are connected to your ftp account. From here on you can access all your WordPress files and folders via ftp from the right hand pane. You can even drag and drop files and folders to and from your computer on the left hand side.
wordpress ftp client

FTP Errors and Fixes

See below some common ftp errors and their general fixes. If you are facing any specific technical issues then you may have to contact your web hosting provider for further details.

fails to connect to ftp

This usually occurs when your web hosting ftp server is down. Give it a try after some time again and you will be able to connect.

Ftp access problem

If your ftp is not connecting or giving error, double check your ftp address and login credentials.

ftp error connecting to server

Again you need to check your username and password and ftp server address. Type all the information correctly and try to login again.

We tried our best to cover all information on ftp setup. If you like the article, help us spread the word by sharing it with your friends and if you still have any questions do let us know by using the comments section below.

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