Showing before and after images on your WordPress site in an interesting way is a great approach to engage customers. Instead of showing comparison images in a typical style, WordPress offers plugins to compare images in an interactive manner.

We have reviewed 5 FREE Before and After image sliders you can use in WordPress to make your job easy.

The plugins below basically install a slider with mouse hovering or dragging feature. Dragging from left to right will reveal the overlaying before and after photos. Slider then can be inserted into a post by using a shortcode in text editor or by other means.


Let’s have a look and see which before and after photo slider suites you most.

01. Twenty20 Image Before-After

twenty20 image slider


Twenty20 is a multipurpose before after slider plugin which let you swipe between two images. It is fully responsive and works perfectly if you feed it two images of the same size. Other features include:

  • A simple interface even beginners can handle easily.
  • Text editor button in post to add the slider.
  • Supports shortcode.
  • Supports slider in widget.
  • Horizontal and vertical sliders.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use Twenty20 Before-After image slider:

02. Before After Image Slider WP

before after image slider


It is another two image slider which you can use in a WordPress page or a post. Moreover it has its own slide editor to make image slides for comparison. Other features include:

  • Responsive and touch-friendly.
  • Supports shortcode and widget.

03. Slider comparison image before and after

slider comparison plugin wordpress


This comparison slider plugin offers comparing the two images in horizontal and vertical styles whichever you prefer. The plugin use a shortcode [sciba] and the slider can be inserted using a separate button from post text editor.

What we noted is the plugin has not been updated for the last 1 year but recent ratings and reviews encouraged us to include it in the list.

04. Before After Image Slider Lite

before after image plugin


The great thing about this plugin is that it is tested up to the latest version of WordPress which is 4.8 at the time of this writing. A unique feature is that the slider is SEO friendly as you can define image alt attributes.

Before After Image Slider Lite supports shortcode and even additional classes for display and development purposes. The plugin comes in Lite (free) and Pro version.

05. Before After


Before After WordPress plugin can show the difference between two images using a light-weight slider. The plugin uses a shortcode [beforeafter] to add the comparison slider into a post.

Although there are good ratings but the plugin has not been updated for the last 2 years and not tested with latest version of WordPress.

Additional Reading:


Using any of the above before and after plugins in WordPress is specially useful for photographers, dentists, doctors, landscape artists, 3D or visual effects artists to let people compare before and after artwork.

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