First of all, you are not alone. So be calm. There are hundreds of bloggers who faced this situation and able to reset their WordPress admin passwords. It’s a common problem and fortunately there are solutions.

WordPress offers different methods if you forgot your admin password and want to reset it.

To make sure this situation never happens again, you many also like to read our article how to choose strong passwords easy to remember. This article is equally useful if your admin account got hacked and you are unable to login again. see our guide how to secure WordPress login.

That being said, lets start with our admin password recovery.

Reset Password with Email

Chances are you have already tried with your nickname, your dog’s name and all others passwords you remember but everytime you are getting the message

ERROR: The password you entered for the username admin is incorrect. Lost your password?
Before banging your head against the wall, you are lucky enough to land on this tutorial 🙂


Anyway let’s start with the easy method first to reset your admin password via email address. Afterwards we will see more expert methods if this doesn’t work for you.

  • click Lost your password? on the same screen.
  • On the next screen, although you can write username, for example admin, but we recommend to write your email address you have given while installing WordPress or making your admin account.
wordpress password admin
  • Why? because When you click Get New Password you will get instant error message if the email has not been registered with any user otherwise you may have complained about getting no link for email recovery.
email not registered

Yes! you will get a forgot password link. Proceed with that URL link to reset your password. If all goes well, you will take control of your blog again.

However if you really didn’t get the reset link even if your email was correct or received error message like Host disabled the mail () function then it’s time to proceed to the second option.

Reset Password via database (phpMyAdmin)

You are craving to take back control of your lovely WordPress dashboard. Don’t worry you will. Resetting your WordPress admin password with phpMyAdmin is a guaranteed method to take back your glory.

phpMyAdmin is a software which gives you access to your WordPress database to make changes. You can access it from your web hosting CPanel like Bluehost or Hostgator.

Shortly, We will reset admin password through MySQL database and login to WordPress with this new password.

Always take necessary backups before changing any values in database.

Woopoo's Caution

see our article how to take backups in WordPress for more details.


  • Login to your CPanel and go to phpMyAdmin.
phpmyadmin wordpress
  • You are now inside phpMyAdmin interface. On the left hand side, you will see all of your databases associated with different WordPress installations if you may have done. Pick the right database for which you want to change admin password. For example just for the sake of this tutorial, we are using wp_database, the database listed at the end in the image below.
wordpress database phpmyadmin
  • Maximize the database view by clicking the small + icon and click wp_users table. This table keeps record of all of your WordPress users. Their ids, passwords, emails all can be reset from here ONLY in case of emergency.
phpmyadmin users table
  • You will see your admin user listed here. The field of our focus is user_pass which is showing your encrypted password. WordPress uses MD5 hash encryption to store passwords in database. We can’t decode or decrypt it so we will create a new password in this field.
wordpress database user password
  • On the far left hand side, you will see three options Edit, Copy and Delete. Click the Edit option.
  • In the user_pass field, change the first value to MD5 (Very Important!) and write your new password in the second field. Needless to say choose a strong password.
wordpress database user details
  • You can also review the email address associated with admin account and change it if you want. That might be the reason why you didn’t receive forgot password link we discussed in the first option.
wordpress user email database
  • Once done, double check all values again and click Go button down below. It will run a query to update all fields with the values you have just provided. You have successfully updated the password.
phpmyadmin query

Before trying to login again, it’s always a good idea to clear your browser cache.

Woopoo's Good Practice

Fingers crossed. Go ahead and try to login to your admin panel. If you have done everything right, WordPress dashboard will welcome you again.

If you still didn’t make it then chances are some plugins might be interfering with the process. Disable any captcha or security plugins you are using like Sucuri or Wordfence and try again. It’s also a good idea to clear your browser cache and server-side caching solutions.

We hope this article has solved your login problem and helped you out resetting your admin password in WordPress. If you are still facing any problems do let us know using the comments section below.

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