Creating a photo gallery in your WordPress posts or pages is a great way to share your photos and images with your family and friends or even clients.

For example, you can create a product gallery with multiple images with a nice description which can boost your product sales. You will definitely need a gallery in some point whether you are a blogger, a photographer or just want to show your portfolio in a nice way.

WordPress has multiple ways to add a gallery in posts automatically and without using any plugin. Yes! WordPress built-in feature to create galleries is a dream come true for those who don’t want to use any plugins.

  • In a new post, click Insert Media at the top.
wordpress add media in post

To create a gallery, you first need to upload all photos in media library. Skip this step if you have already done with it.

  • Click Upload Files and drag and drop all your images to upload.
  • We are done with our images for inserting in our new gallery. Click Create Gallery
create gallery in wordpress
  • Select all the images you uploaded or the images you want to be added in your gallery. Press Create a new gallery button.
select images in gallery
  • You will instantly land on Edit Gallery window, here you can re-order your images, fill in ALT tags and add descriptions to images as a good SEO practice.
  • In Gallery Settings, you can link images to None, Attachment Page (image opens in separate page) or Media File (opens large image). Select number of columns you want in the image grid. In the Size settings you can change images sizes to be displayed in gallery but Thumbnail is the recommended settings as it will load pretty fast.
wordpress gallery settings
  • click Insert gallery button to finally add the gallery to your post.
wordpress gallery in post
  • Publish post and see your glorious gallery at the front-end.

WordPress Gallery Shortcode

Just as a bit of extra information, if you switch to text editor, you will see WordPress has added a gallery shortcode in the post. To add a gallery with this shortcode in another page, you just need to change the ids and you will be done.

gallery shortcode

shortcodes in WordPress are a great way to handle complex tasks with great ease.

Woopoo's Tip

If you are creating a post only for adding a gallery, you can change post Format to Gallery.

post formats

Themes implement post formats differently so you need to check how your theme is implementing Gallery post format. It could be a lightbox, slideshow or simple neat gallery.

Just switch the post format from Standard to Gallery and have a look at front-end.

How to add/delete an image from gallery?

You can go back to Edit Gallery settings to include or exclude more images. Just click the small pencil icon appears on the gallery which will take you back in the gallery settings.

edit gallery wordpress

We have covered everything what it takes to be adding a photo gallery in your WordPress posts without using any plugins. If you still have any questions do let us know using the comments section below.

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