If you have move your WordPress site to a new domain or you want to transfer your website from localhost to liver server, the one step you can’t skip is to change WordPress url addresses. This includes changing urls of all pages and posts.

This is what we are going to discuss in this article in detail.

For example, WordPress url from localhost to live site will look like http://localhost/newsite/your-post/ to http://yourwebsite.com/your-post/

Note: newsite is your website folder on localhost. More information here

There could be hundreds of posts and pages in your blog and bulk changing WordPress urls manually could take ages. But in this step-by-step guide, we will use Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin to do it automatically.

Take a full backup of your website first so you can resume it later on if something goes wrong.

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Install and activate Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin. See our article how to install a plugin in WordPress if you need assistance.

wordpress update urls plugin

Step 2:

From dashboard go to Tools > Update URLs

wordpress update urls menu

Step 3:

This is the main step where we will change our url structure.

wordpress velvet blues plugin

step 4:

As discussed earlier you need to change WordPress url base here for both of the fields Old URL and New URL.

Also make sure to choose minimum two options URLs in page content and URLs for attachments. Press Update URLs Now.

velvet blues plugin update now

For example if the move is from localhost to live server, it should be like:

http://localhost/newsite/ to http://yourwebsite.com/

If you are changing url from one domain or sub domain to another domain, it should be like:

http://youroldwebsite.com/ to http://yournewwebsite.com/

This plugin will effectively bulk update all WordPress urls with new URLs right inside database. Your website should be working with new updated links now.

Step 5:

From dashboard, go to Settings > General Settings and update WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) with your new website domain name if not updated already.

wordpress site urls

WordPress update urls not working

  • A common problem is the website address itself written wrong, double check any spelling mistakes before updating.
  • Check any post or page URL. Lets say there is a post xyz and if the URL is appearing like http://www.yourwebsite.comxyz, it means you missed “/” to add in new URL while updating so it should appear http://www.yourwebsite.com/xyz. Do it again with “/” added and it will fix the urls error.

Do let us know if you manage to change WordPress URLs successfully. In case you are stuck somewhere, leave a comment below and we would love to answer.

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