YouTube is a vital platform to promote businesses. All businesses, no matter big or small are using YouTube for business marketing. Running a business YouTube channel is a must if you are still thinking to start.

Why Using YouTube for Business


Build extra traffic for your blog.


2nd most popular search engine after google. 3.5 billion searches per day.


Engage current customers.


Attract new potential customers.

YouTube Global Reach

Mobile only reach is bigger than any cable network in the U.S.A

YouTube Interesting Facts

  • People prefer to watch videos instead of reading text 82%
  • People visit YouTube daily to search for content 69%
  • People watch YouTube product reviews before buying products 45%

Who Uses YouTube The Most






12-30 years of age


30-49 years of age


50+ years of age

In 2016, people in 25-40 age group were among the most online buyers

(statista survey)
Woopoo's Tip

Business Videos Ideas


Focus on making customer-focused content. Something which customers are looking for.


Practical easy tips which your viewers can implement right away.


Show them your business success stories.


Limited time or event Promotions (Christmas, Thanks giving day).


Customer Testimonials. Ask your loyal customers to submit video testimonials.


Don’t stick to videos only, add flavor to YouTube channel by posting explainer videos, animations, animated infographics and other related videos.


56% customers like and share videos which solve their problem in an interesting way.

Optimize YouTube Videos

Ask them to visit your website for more information.


Write a detailed video description with your website address. YouTube video description is a great way to get find in search.

Offer them a valuable offer like Sale price or a Coupon Code at the end of Video or in description.

Ask them to subscribe to your channel at the end of your video or in video description.

Share and Get Likes for YouTube Videos


Post your video on all of your business social networking channels.


Remind them to share and like your video.


YouTube business model is a must. YouTube videos and business sales go hand in hand. More you boost your videos, more you will increase your sales.

What type of videos are you using for promotions?

Let us know by using the comments section below.

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