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Protect Images from Hotlinking

In this article we will see effective ways to stop hotlinking and protect your website images from getting linked directly. We will look how to stop hotlinking using htaccess and CPanel.

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Bulk Change WordPress URLs

In this article, we will see how to change WordPress URLs in bulk when you move your website or blog from one domain to another or from localhost to live server.

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WordPress localhost Tutorial (WAMP)

Installing WordPress on localhost means installing WordPress on windows machine or a mac pc using a web server software like WampServer. Let’s dive in how to install and use Wamp

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Add Gradient Background in WordPress [100+ Styles]

Using gradient backgrounds in WordPress is one way to standout of the competition and you can do it very easily using CSS, Cascading Style Sheets. Gone are the days when designers have to use design software like Photoshop to do such tasks. We will see methods to...

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