We all need a break. Don’t we? We are bloggers, SEO artists, entrepreneurs…but we are humans too. Sometimes it’s good to bring out the child within yourself to give you a bit of relaxation and even to boost your productivity when you are feeling bored.

When you are stuck with new ideas and nothing is working, give yourself a break which will revive your energy and refresh your mind and that’s why we have bring forth this article.

You may have used Google for your searches but did you ever use Google to play games online? Yes we will show you six hidden games you can play right inside Google search.

1. tic tac toe

Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know tic tac toe? Yes! it is a famous two player game of Os and Xs people used to play with a paper and pencil. The same game can be played with Google as the second player. Just write tic tac toe in Google search and start playing.

play tic tac toe in google

2. Solitaire

Playing Solitaire in Google will remind you 90’s when you used to play the same game in Microsoft Windows. Write Solitaire in Google and have some fun.

play solitaire in google

3. Pacman

url: https://www.google.com/doodles/30th-anniversary-of-pac-man

Everyone knows Pacman. Right? It is a still famous, 1980’s record breaking game.

On Pacman’s 30th birthday, Google introduced it’s first ever playable Google doodle by pressing Insert Coin to play Pacman. Don’t forget to experience Pacman easter egg which is while playing game, insert another coin and Ms. Pacman will join the game to beat the ghosts.

play pacman in google

4. Zerg Rush

Write Zerg Rush in Google search and see small dots taking over and eating the search page. You have to save Google by clicking on those dots to kill them. Make sure not to break your mouse (multiple crazy clicks) while playing Zerg Rush.

play zerg rush in google

5. Atari Breakout (in Google Images)

It was another popular game published by Atari back in the days. Google has bring back those days by letting you play Atari breakout in Google search.

Write Atari Breakout and switch to Images. The fun starts right away. All images will turn into bricks which you have to break with the help of a paddle and a ball.

play atari breakout in google

6. Smarty Pins (in Google Maps)

url: https://smartypins.withgoogle.com/

Test your geography knowledge with Smarty Pins by Google Maps. This interactive Google game will throw questions one after another and won’t let you even breath.

play smarty pins in google

We think you have played much and it’s time to go back to work now :). Jokes aside, we hope you have learned what else could be done is Google search instead of just searching and these hidden games you can play in Google won’t let you feel bored next time. Happy playing!

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